Excursions from Crete

The legendary Palace of Knossos - Heraklion (group)

Sample program:
09:50 Arrival at the Palace of Knossos;
10:00-11:30 Guided tour of the palace grounds;
11:40-12:20 Tasting visit;
12:40-13:40 Walking tour of Heraklion;
13:40-15:30 Free time.

Santorini (group)

Sample program:
08:10 Arrival at the port of Heraklion, boarding a high-speed liner;
09:00 Departure from the port of Heraklion;
10:45 Arrival to the island of Thira, transfer to buses;
11:30 Arrival in the city of Oia, free time;
13:00 Departure from Oia to Thira;
13:20 Arrival in the city of Thira, free time;
13:30 Departure from Thira to the beach with black volcanic sand;
14:30 Arrival at the beach, free time;
15:30 Departure to the port of Athinios;
17:00 Departure to Heraklion;
18:45 Arrival in Crete at the port of Heraklion.

Gramvousa - Balos (group)

Sample program:
09:40 Arrival at the port of Kissamos, boarding the ship;
10:30 Departure to Gramvousa Island;
10:50 Arrival on the island, free time;
13:30 Departure to Balos bay;
13:50 Arrival at Balos lagoon;
16:30 Departure to the port of Kissamos;
17:45 Arrival at the port of Kissamos.

Spinalonga island

From the fishing town of Plaka, a boat trip will begin along the Mirabello Bay to the uninhabited island of Spinalonga, on which the Venetians built an impregnable fortress 400 years ago. After visiting the island you will have free time. The last point of the trip is the city of St. Nicholas.

Orthodox Crete

We will visit the church of Our Lady of Kera Kardiotissa, which is located in a small forest next to the waterfalls. We will also have the opportunity to visit the tombs of the Greco-Roman period. Upon arrival in the traditional village, we will get acquainted with the architecture, life and visit the church of St. John the Baptist. Lunch at the restaurant “Aerino” with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. At the end of the skete of St. Myron, who was a bishop in the 3rd century, holy water flows out in his skete, and a Byzantine temple dating back to the 12th century was founded above it.

Cretan evening

Sample program:
19:30 Arrival at the traditional village of Anopolis;
19:30-20:00 Free time;
20:00-22:30 Show program with dinner.

Rethymno - Preveli

The morning will start with a tour of the historic center of Rethymno, which houses the treasures of architecture from the Venetian period. The journey will continue through the Kourtagletiko gorge, where you will take unforgettable photos. We will visit one of the most revered monasteries in Crete – Preveli, the main shrine of which is a particle of the Life-Giving Cross. A bright end to the trip will be swimming in the purest waters of the Libyan Sea on the southern coast of Crete.


An exciting program for children and adults will begin in the largest aquarium in Greece. You will literally dive to the bottom of the sea and see about 2500 unique inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea. In the park “Dinosauria” children will get acquainted with the most ancient inhabitants of our planet and learn how dinosaurs appeared, what they ate and how they hunted. Dinosaurs in the park can move, breathe and growl! The program will end with a quest in the Labyrinth amusement park, where adults and children will have to find the Minotaur and find a way out of the wooden labyrinth, and you can also look at a small farm with Cretan animals.

Knossos-Lassithi (group)

Sample program:
09:50 Arrival at the Palace of Knossos;
10:00-11:30 Guided tour of the palace grounds;
12:10-12:40 Visit to the knife workshop;
13:00-13:50 Visit to the monastery of the Virgin;
14:00-15:00 Lunch in the mountains;
15:10-16:10 Inspection of the cave of Zeus;
16:30-17:30 Visit to the eco-park.

Dia island cruise

We invite you to make an unforgettable sea trip to the uninhabited island of Dia, admiring the wild coves, rocky coasts and bright blue waters of the Cretan Sea. At Sleeping Dragon Island, the catamaran will make a stop in a picturesque bay where you will have free time to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea, diving, snorkeling, SUB surfing and fishing. After swimming, you will enjoy a gourmet Mediterranean lunch with fish, lasagna, salads, appetizers and wine.

Minotaur labyrinth

You will visit the ruins of the legendary Knossos Palace of King Minos, where 4500 years ago was the center of the Minoan civilization. We will visit the modern capital – the city of Heraklion. You will feel the spirit of the Middle Ages as you walk through the historical quarters and immerse yourself in the modern life of the city.
The pearl of the program is a visit to the Archaeological Museum, which is recognized as the best museum of Minoan art in the world. It stores objects and artifacts of the history of Crete, 5500 years long.

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